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Write for us – Tecnviral looking for submissions from writers to add to the website. We want to be a source of relevant informative content about outsourcing for both the buyer and the provider.

What you need to know. The topic for us on this site include various aspects of outsourcing including reviews of product or website, technology, tech support, software, programming, business, hosting, tips and tricks and Other topics that are relevant to outsourcing.

Not all submissions will be accepted, we reserve the right to decline the use of any submission. However, you will retain the rights and be free to use it elsewhere.

Articles may be edited for format grammar and spelling.

In return we’ll give you a valuable inbound link for yours website. You also get an extra exposure through regular sharing of your post on our social media channels.

If you think it could help others, we want to hear about it!

Tecnviral Post Guidelines

Here we’re providing some of guidelines which you need to take care during writing an article:
  • Article length should be minimum 1000 words
  • Write one main heading (H1) at the top of article (not more than 55 characters including spaces and wrap your main keyword)
  • In the first paragraph of article use your main keyword
  • Add 3-4 more paragraphs under main heading
  • Add 1 sub-heading (H2) after the above paragraph
  • Similarly add 2-3 more paragraphs under H2 heading
  • Add other heading (H3) after the above paragraph
  • Similarly add 3-4 more paragraphs under H3 heading
  • Use a maximum of 300 words between two consecutive headings (H1-H2-H3)
  • 90% or more sentences of your whole article should have active voice sentences
  • 75% or more sentences of your whole article should have less than 20 words
  • Use transition word in your article such as because, therefore, also, finally, so, due to, similarly, rather, while, hence, maybe, probably, almost, even more etc.
  • Use bullets in the content and different styles as much possible
  • Write maximum 2-3 lines per paragraph
  • Article must be grammatically corrected, rich, unique, and easy to understand
  • No duplicate content will be accepted that’s already been published elsewhere
  • Required one image (size: 519px * 339px including a different color border of 2px)

Please include a brief bio of yourself as the author which can include links to your website or social network profiles.

If you have an article you would like to submit please contact us and you can submit through directly submit button. You can also email us to discuss possible topics. If you need further guidance, we have a packet we can send you that has multiple titles and topics. If you’d like to write for us on a regular basis contact us today.

To write for us, simply send your ideas, outline, or queries using the Submitting form given in the bottom.

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