Useful Tips to Start Vending Machines Business

 Useful Tips to Start Vending Machines Business

All the businesses come up with advantages and disadvantages at the same time. However at the end it’s your decision that decides the future of your business. Vending machines business can be the right choice for you if you did the necessary homework to start the business with the right frame of mind.

In this article, here are some useful tips that can help you a long way if you decided to start your Vending business.

Location Selection

Location plays a vital part in the growth and success of your vending machine business. According to a vending world survey, if you are able to do it the right way, 50% of your business is assured. There are various factors that you should consider before the installation of your vending machine. To have the best location for your vending machines, there can be a lot of competition around.

However, you can decrease the competition by considering the 2 to 3 kilometers radius around that prime location to reduce the competition. You can place your vending machines around office complexes, colleges, universities, business malls, busy shopping arcades and any place which is known as a public place.

The major advantage of vending machines business is that you don’t need to be present on spot; instead you can make money without being present at the location all the time. To keep an eye on your stock, sale and other information, you can have an app on your smartphone or via the internet.

Select the best possible location for your machine and success will follow you gradually.

Product Location

Selection of products is also a key factor in your business success. It is an advice by that you should select your products by considering the liking of the customers, season, purchasing power of the people around the locality and many more such aspects. For example, people during the business hours around offices may like to buy chips as of their lunch. School kids may prefer candies instead of hot dog burgers and at the excites of big shopping malls, soft drinks vending machines can be a handy option.


Anyone with a small investment and a bit of dedication can start a vending machine as it is very simple in operation. All you need to do is take money from the coin slot and keep the products on a regular basis. However, you need to hover around to carry the products. It may need good physical shape to fulfill the physical demands associated with this business but it also comes with an advantage that you can burn a lot of calories as you work.


According to a vending world study, beside the advantage of meeting new people to increase your business, some machines can be highly prone to theft. For example, unscrupulous people can use coat hangers to reach inside mechanical snack machines. Thieves can also create slugs or fake coins when using mechanical machines. You can’t watch the machines all the time to monitor potential theft. To minus this aspect you need to plan these things before jumping into the business.

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