Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Spring Clean Your Blog

 Top 10 WordPress Plugins to Spring Clean Your Blog

WordPress is one of the most versatile software applications on the Internet today.

However, WordPress does have a few problems that can cause people to want to rip their hair out.

Whether you are running out of server space or simply having a slow loading blog, here are 10 WordPress plugins that you can use to spring clean your blog.

WordPress Optimize

a solution designed to take a look at wasteful database use and change it so that the database is optimized. Having a large database or slow database can cause the speed of the blog to slow down. This can cause visitors to stop visiting and make it a hassle for those who update the blog to continue to do so.

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Plugin Garbage Collector

useful for anyone who uses a large amount of WordPress plugins. This plugin will take care of any files that have been left on your WordPress installation by inactive or deleted plugins. Deleting these files can help to secure your WordPress installation as well help the speed of your website overall.

WP CleanFix

specifically designed to tidy up pages, posts or categories that they never end up using. Large WordPress websites will find this plugin to be very useful. It also looks at the database and several other components of WordPress to help delete all that is no longer useful.

Upload Janitor

this is a very useful plugin for users who upload a large amount of content to their WordPress blog. Orphaned pictures and other content in the /wp-uploads folder are first archived and then able to be deleted. This means that you will be able to save hard drive space and eliminate old files.

WP System Health

takes a look at your entire WordPress installation and looks to see whether system files are healthy or not. This plugin makes sure that your server is running WordPress fine and that WordPress itself is running under normal parameters. Make sure to install this plugin today.

WP Anti Virus: there are many WordPress exploits that can wreak havoc on your blog and entire WordPress installation. Make sure that you are protected using the WP AntiVirus plugin. This plugin is free of charge and will scan daily, notifying you by email if anything is wrong.

Exploit Scanner

exploits can cause your blog to shut down instantly or be accessed by computer hackers. Exploit Scanner does an excellent job at preventing anyone who is not supposed to be in your WordPress system from accessing it through an exploit. It is an easy to install plugin and worth installing today. It is available for free.

Vault Press

designed to secure your WordPress site from any possible intrusion. Should you face someone trying to access your website, Vault Press will go in and take care of the problem. Vault Press does start at $15 a month but is well worth the price for someone who is running a WordPress installation that is generating money. The money you pay will help to secure your website from hacking, exploits, tech errors or any number of other problems. Vault Press is perfect for any WordPress installation.

Automatic WordPress Backup

provides users with an automated backup solution that is free. This plugin backs up everything just in case something should go wrong. This plugin is perfect for websites that are just being tested or are personal sites. Vault Press would be a solution for individuals who want a more secured and advanced product.

Broken Link Checker

check to see whether or not any of the links that are on your WordPress site are broken or not. Having a broken link can cause confusion as well as prove it difficult for individuals to access valuable resources. Broken Link Checker is free.

Now that your WordPress blog is installed with plenty of plugins, make sure that you update them every three months. Having an old plugin can cause your WordPress blog to be insecure! Also, make sure that your WordPress blog is up to date in its core system files. After all of that work is done, get back to blogging!

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