Top 5 Defense Games For Android On 9apps

 Top 5 Defense Games For Android On 9apps

Synthesis of 6 best defense games on 9apps free download the favoured game store – defense Game is a very attractive type of game that requires players to think in order to pass full of tactical rounds. In those games, players must prevent the enemy from a particular purpose such as reaching your bases, and castle, you need to build towers, blockhouses and army to stop them. To pass play rounds, gamers need to be clever, acumen, and flexible thinking to cope and defeat each enemy attack. If you are a fan of this game type, you should consult the list of the following top 6 best defense games for android on 9apps free download.

1) Fieldrunners 2 – 

The hot defense Fieldrunners 2 has officially appeared on 9apps app store. There are more levels and weapons, enemies and attack methods than the first version.

Game brings the player to the scene where the world is threatened by hegemonic ambitions of the extravagant people. SubaLabs’s scientists have to build a weapon system to resist enemies. However, to win, we need a talented leader, this is a place for gamers to try. Fieldrunners 2 has a big success on iOS, this is a real gift for many Android users.

2) Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a highly appreciated game in terms of play rule and graphics. Players need to build towers to protect the kingdom from the attacks of enemies. There are more than 50 kinds of enemies with rising power in each round.

3) Anomaly 2

Anomaly is one of the most attractive Tower Defense games that users should not miss on Android, especially for those who have played Anomaly Korea (Anomaly 1). The two versions have the same rule for defending towers, however, in the second version, instead of arranging towers to defend them, you need to be a leader to guide your fleet to move to their final destination quickly and at the least damage. With Anomaly 2, you need to face real challenges about strategic thinking ability that is demonstrated via the booming and strong intensity attacks.

Players can also upgrade their fort to strengthen the defense when faced serious enemies. Besides, players can employ heros to fight back invaders.

4) Tower N’ Trolls 

The biggest advantage of this game is attractive graphics with high speed playing rules. Although it is based on the traditional defense games, Tower N’ Trolls is attractive and difficult to attract players.

According to famous game sites, Tower N’ Trolls is one of the most “addicted” defense game today

5) Castle Defense

Castle Defense is an interesting defending game that is voted as one of the best games of combination between tactic and defense on 9apps. The graphics on Castle defense game is characterized classic with fun cartoon style, with high solution to perfectly show on the screen. With so many amazing graphics effects, you will feel as if you are in an old and vivid battlefield.

The above list is just a list of outstanding defense games that attract the most players on 9apps android free for you to consult. Besides, there are many other attractive defense games that I did not update here, therefore, you can search more to find a great one to play.

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