Top Three Ways Of Building A Mailing List For FREE!

 Top Three Ways Of Building A Mailing List For FREE!

For quite sometime now, I’ve had this phobia with regards to building a mailing list as it costs money to maintain one and I’m one of those folks who hate receiving sales pitches 5 times a week .

After being hounded by messages telling me that the launch of my wordpress setup services would have been a major success if I had a mailing list, I decided to research what free options were open to a poor blogger like me who’s yet to make money online from blogging .

Of the many free autoresponders and mailing list builders I found online, I narrowed it down to three which left a good impression on me.

Starting off my list of free email list builders is FeedMailPro.


FeedMailPro seems to be a newcomer to the market and I must confess that I was kinda skeptical about signing up with them in the first place as the site looks “TOO SIMPLE” for my normal taste . It was when I made up my mind to start building a mailing list using my blog updates that I decided to try out their services and so far so good,

The basic principle behind FeedMailPro is delivering your RSS updates to your subscribers via email with the opportunity of sending them an email or two every once in a while.

Some of the things I like about FeedMailPro include the following:

  1. The simple interface is AWESOME for folks like me on limited bandwidth and slow internet connection. You don’t have to wait forever for the features of the site to load.
  2. It allows you to import subscribers from other accounts like Feedburner and Aweber without having your subscribers to opt-in again. The catch is if there’s a mass “unsubscription” to your first email, it means your list is probably fake.
  3. All subscribers you amass via FeedMailPro will be shown in your Feedburner stats.
  4. Unlike Feedburner, you can redirect your subscribers to a page on your blog after they’ve subscribed so that you can further convince them to confirm their subscriptions to your mailing list and best of all, you can send them a welcome email with the download link to a freebie after they’ve successfully confirmed their subscription.
  5. The best of all is that you can add up to a 1,000 subscribers to your list without paying a single dime.

The only problems that I’ve noticed with them are

  1. Emails sometimes don’t go out at the exact time that they were scheduled to but hey that’s probably a problem that runs across all email list services.
  2. Also, they seem to only accept monthly payments via PayPal.
  3. There’s no autoresponder service. You can’t schedule emails to be sent @ a particular time. You can only send blasts, i.e. regular emails.


MailChimp is an autoresponder + rss-to-email service that’s fast gaining popularity amongst top bloggers such as Yoast, WpBeginners and Dragon Blogger.

I tried using their services before settling for FeedMailPro but the GUI of the website was just too cumbersome for my internet connection. In other words, the MailChimp site is not bandwidth and GPRS/EDGE friendly.

  1. Up to 1,000 subscribers FREE!
  2. Ability to send up to 6,000 emails every month. (That’s 6 emails monthly per subscriber assuming you have 1,000 of them in your list )
  3. Ability to track the delivery rate of your emails, how many people open your emails and how many people click on the links within.
  4. Just like FeedMailPro, no contract or credit card is required.

MailChimp’s non acceptance of payment via PayPal, bank transfer, or wire transfer might seem like a con for some folks. They accept ONLY credit cards or eCheck for orders less than $6,000.


If you ain’t ready to start an email campaign but want to start building your email list and you’d like to use a wordpress plugin to build it, WP Email Capture is what you need.

This plug-in works as a double opt-in in compliance with the CAN-SPAM act and you can also use it to distribute your free e-books and softwares.

The plug-in makes use of wordpress default internal wp_mail function for sending mail. It doesn’t have the ability to send emails other than those used to ask subscribers to confirm their subscriptions to your email list and those used to let subscribers know that they’ve been successfully added to your list.

When you’re ready to start your email campaign with the likes of Aweber, MailChimp etc, you can easily export your list as csv files and then import them into your Aweber account etc.

Have you started building an email list? Do you use a free or paid service? How has the service been so far? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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