Benefits of Installing a Video Door Phone In India

 Benefits of Installing a Video Door Phone In India

Thanks to technology, the growing concern over our safety within our own homes can now be addressed. We now have CCTVs, intruder alarm systems, smoke detectors, etc. that reduce the risk we face.

We now have video door phones in India that help residents, especially children, elderly, and those living alone to ensure that they are safe. Read on to find out how a video door phone will help you once installed:

Enable interaction with the visitor

Whether it is the milkman or your child’s music teacher, you can communicate with them through the door phone without opening the door. You don’t have to open the door to converse with the visitor. This is helpful when a resident has mobility issues and may not wish to go all the way to open the door. The audio and video quality ensure that you don’t have to shout or peep through the keyhole to find out who actually is at the door. You can ensure that the person at the door is not there under false pretences; if there is a man at the door saying he’s got a delivery for you, then you can ask him to show the package along with the signing sheet to ensure his credibility.

Layer of security

The most important function that the video door phone serves is to add a crucial layer of security for your residence. When the doorbell rings, you no longer have to open the door to know who the visitor is. The chances of someone pushing through the door is significantly reduced and your safety is assured. This is extremely helpful when you have a child or elderly person answering the door or staying alone in the house even for a few hours.

Let’s understand a bit more about the features of these video door phones that actually help you stay safe:

Colour video screen

This is the display where you can view the person on the other side of the door.

Call record

You can record the conversations that take place through the phone for future review.


An obvious concern can be that someone may just remove the console that is outside the house. Thankfully, most of the consoles are tamper proof and anti-vandal, i.e. they will sound an alarm if somebody attempts to forcefully remove it.

In-built video camera

The in-built camera can zoom in and pan out to capture the visual outside better. This will allow you to scan a sizeable part of the passageway outside to check if there is more than one person standing outside. You can also take a snapshot of the visual for reference if you have an SD memory card inserted into the console. These snaps can help in identifying who is at the door in case anything untoward occurs.

Go ahead, ensure the safety of all those you love by calling in a security expert and installing systems right away.

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