Air Doors Control Climate and Energy Costs

 Air Doors Control Climate and Energy Costs

There are a number of electronic devices available in the market that are now the necessities of the people. All of us are aware of air doors and have seen them in markets and commercial places. They are an indoor product that can be installed at homes and offices to get cool and fresh air at the place where it is mounted. 

About Air Doors

An air door or air curtain is the product that is usually fixed at the entrance and above the windows that control dust, air, insects, pollution and fumes to enter inside. They are the effective ones to control the climate and save energy.

 If we talk about air doors then you may have seen them in supermarkets and office premises or banks, hotels and other commercial places that makes you feel the difference between the air outside the place and air inside the place that you enter. 

They are available in different sizes, voltage and units and can be chosen as per the usage. The big and heavy ones are placed at the entrance of markets and malls where a powerful air door is necessary. Some of them have automatic switch controls and some are even remote-controlled that makes it easier to use and manage them. 

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Use of Air Doors

A clean and healthy environment is necessary for peaceful and efficient working. If the air in your surroundings will be clean and tidy then you will be more focused on your work and this product does the same for you. They convert warm and hot air in fresh and cool air by separating the unconditioned air consisting of dirt and dust into conditioned air.

In summers when you face high warmth and sweat then this product helps you to control climate. You just need to fix it at the correct place and then you can enjoy its effective working. They are very commonly used at commercial places as an indoor product giving the people visiting there perfect air temperature.            

Maintenance and Cleaning

Along with the usage, the maintenance and cleaning of this product is also necessary. You need to clean them at least once in every three to six months to get an effective working and increase the life expectancy of the product. The filter of the product must be cleaned properly and carefully so that all the dirt is removed from it and the air door gives more cooler and fresher air. 

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How to Clean It:

Make sure that the power supply is switched off before you start cleaning the air curtain. After turning off the electricity take off the filter and clean it properly with mild detergent and water. If it is not so dirty then it can be cleaned with only warm water covering every edge and surface. After cleaning it, make it properly dry and then screw it into the air door. There are some models that do not allow you to take out the filter and clean it so for them you can make use of a vacuum cleaner to clean the filter that blows all the dirt and dust making it more efficient and easy to use.        


There are certain advantages and benefits of air doors that are listed below.

  • They are more affordable and cheap as compared to air conditioners giving the same satisfaction.
  • They are the best ones for commercial as well as industrial use. Many of them also prefer to fix them at their houses.
  • It optimizes low energy cost and gives higher airflow maintaining the temperature in the room.
  • It can be easily fixed at any wall and controls the airflow and maintains the temperature of the room.        
  • It includes an easy setup and many of them have magnetic switches as well as remote control facilities.


Along with the advantages, the product also has some disadvantages that should be kept in mind.

  • Higher the usage higher will be the electricity bill. It uses high voltage and units when it is used for a long time.
  • It is not very much effective for hot and bright days. When the temperature is very high outside the work becomes less effective.
  • The big and heavy ones make noise that is sometimes annoying and can’t give people headaches.   
  • The smaller ones have low efficiency that is not preferable for big places and office premises.
  • Some of them are a bit high in cost, giving low levels of satisfaction. 

So now you know how the air doors work and what their efficiency level is. So if you are planning to get them, make sure that you choose the most appropriate one according to your usage. There are a number of models available in the market and you can choose them as per the design and size that you need. They are easily mounted and take less space giving convenient satisfaction. They are helpful in controlling energy cost and climate.

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