Advantage of Upgrading To Mobile Voting Platform

 Advantage of Upgrading To Mobile Voting Platform

Today in India elections are conducted mainly through an electronic voting system. Recently, many parties have also claimed the accuracy of the EVMs. As technology advancement is taking place, we can consider a mobile voting as a far more advanced form of voting than EVMs. Thus, it could be concluded that the time has arrived that we need to upgrade our current voting system to a mobile voting system. 

In this form of voting the voter needs a mobile phone and they can cast a vote from anywhere without any hassle. Right2vote has come up with such a mobile voting platform which is user-friendly, and you can very easily get registered in it and cast your vote from this platform. There will be no need to visit any polling booth if this form of voting is introduced. There are many more advantages of mobile voting, some of them are explained below in detail.

Reasons to upgrade to mobile voting

  • Voter drop out will be reduced: The mobile voting system enables the voters to cast their vote from anywhere. So, now the NRIs, traveling professionals or anybody who is not present in their city at the time of election can also cast their vote easily. This will increase the voter turn out to a great extent. It has been estimated that mobile voting will reduce the drop out to 90% which will really impact the complete election process.
  • There will be a reduction in the cost of election: If the voting system is upgraded to mobile voting, then the current cost incurred by the government will be reduced manifold. Currently, more than 35000crore rupees is incurred for a Lok sabha election alone. There are many other sections of elections that are held across the country. The main expenditure is made on the polling stations, elections workers but when mobile voting is introduced then there is no requirement of investing in any kind of physical infrastructure. Hence, a huge amount of public could be saved in this way.
  • Reduction in Manpower requirement: Right2vote has come up with such a mobile voting app which requires minimum manpower. Earlier forms of elections needed a polling booth as well as huge manpower who could manage the whole process. By the digitalization of the whole process, it could be controlled digitally. So, the government can also make some fruitful use of the money that was spent on the officials who controlled the election process.
  • Reduction in time: Currently, 2 months is engaged in the election process of just Lok sabha elections. After a proper research, it was found that a large portion of the year is engaged in the election process. If that time is saved, then it could be used for some other development activities.

These are some very common advantages of mobile voting which could be received only when the current voting system is upgraded to this system. After Aadhar encryption has been adopted, better security will be guaranteed by the right2vote app. This can definitely bring a revolutionary impact on the entire voting system, and you can enjoy all its benefits only when the mobile voting system is implemented.

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