4 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

 4 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Your readers still can share their content on Facebook to help you increase traffic even if you’re not active on Facebook.

It is reasonable to get as many shares and Facebook likes as possible for 99 percent of companies with an online presence.

Whenever a Facebook user shares your content or likes it, it will be made public to all friends of the user.

It helps you get more traffic, subscribers, and ultimately clients.

Don’t just get me wrong. Don’t get me wrong. There are also other social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. But Facebook begins with a solid social media foundation.

1. Create shareable content

Four of the top 10 posts were videos, as you can see. Three of these four were, in particular, music videos.

I do not know that creating music videos would be reasonable for most of you. And it may not be relevant to your brand image to post a music video. But you shouldn’t give it up.

Quizzes and news items were also high on the list.

You don’t even have to be creative sometimes. It may be sufficient to simply ask users to share their content.

Otherwise, the best way to make content that is unique and intriguing to your audience is to give it your best.

Have you just developed new pioneering research? Can you make a video that is going viral easily? Such things can distinguish your content.

Anything outrageous, controversial, or informative can trigger debate and cause people to share their messages.

After your content is shared, the friends of those who shared these posts will be able to see.

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2. Timing is everything

Consider how many times you post your message on Facebook.

Is it a day once? A week once? Just a month once?

The time of the day you post on Facebook also needs to be analyzed. All this is important for increasing commitment and increasing enjoyment.

You will receive more commitments later in the week and on the weekends based on this information. 

People have jobs and usually are busier over the week. But when the weekend comes closer, if they are ahead of schedule, they may get a bit antsy and slack.

So you can stay on Facebook longer. People are happier at weekends too, so they are more eager to like your posts, share them, and comment.

You must also think about who likes your Facebook page. For instance, if 90 percent of your followers are from the US, 3 AM EST will not produce high commitments.

To plan your posts on Facebook at the best times use these automation tools so that you do not have to do this manually every day.

You must also remain consistent in your posting schedule. Stay with your strategy. Stay with your strategy. Don’t post for a month or so regularly and go quietly.

But you don’t want to spam your fans and post too often. Research shows that 46% of people on social media follow a brand if it is published too often. But, if it does not post enough, 18% will actually follow brands.

Find the sweet place between the two extremes.

3. Keep your posts short

No one will read huge blocks of social media text.

They can see from their friends and their families just too much. The reading of long messages from brand pages will not be the highest priority.

Social media platforms like Facebook are designed to quickly display content.

Paragraphs appear even longer on mobile devices on your computer screen. Moreover, it is difficult to read long blocks of text.

This may be why you don’t like enough if you currently post long content.

How long are your posts to last? Five of the most popular Facebook pages conducted research to analyze the duration of their content:

  • News from Fox
  • News from NBC
  • Post of Huffington
  • News from the BBC
  • FoodSparkling

In this study, 33 percent of the posts consisted of 10 or fewer words. A good thumb rule is that the shorter the better.

You’re not going to be less tedious if people see your posts are not long.

4. Encourage comments (and respond to them)

Commenting on your posts from Facebook users is a great way to expose your page. The more exposure you receive, the more exposure you like.

That’s because those friends who comment will see these remarks, even if they don’t follow your site. The post and the comments are shown on your schedule.

You might be more fond of other people now that they can see your posts.

In addition, you would like users to contact your page even more if they see you respond to others. There are a number of reasons why you want to answer a comment:

  • Reply to the user question
  • Many thanks for the positive feedback
  • Recognize another opinion
  • Everybody won’t always have something nice to say or agree with you.

That’s OK. That’s all right. These comments can still be answered. Make sure you always keep things professional and keep them branded.

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